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Do you have children or grandchildren? As they reach the age where they are taught to write in school, learning to hold a pencil correctly is often the first step. Do you remember having a hard time learning to hold a pencil in school? Now, there is a super smart writing aid grip that teaches kids how to hold a pencil the right way! This is a genius product we didn’t even realize we needed back in the day.

It seems like such a simple concept that we take for granted. But, remember that you learned how to walk, eat, talk, and much more. Holding a pencil correctly was a skill that you had to learn. Unfortunately, we didn’t have Amazon or these cool inventions back in the day! We had to learn the hard way.


Learn More About This Writing Aid


These soft grips come in packs of six and the total cost is under $10. If your child or grandchild is having a hard time writing because they are holding the pencil incorrectly, this can help them! Many kids hold a pencil with three fingers or try to hold on to the pencil with their entire hand. This isn’t the right way to write.


This writing aid grip is flexible and has two finger pockets so kids know where to put their fingers when they are holding a pencil. The pockets are for their thumb and index finger. Not only does it teach children how to write properly, but it can relieve pain from holding on to a pencil too tightly.


Great For Older Adults Too!


These could also be great for older adults who have arthritis or other issues that cause pain while writing and using a pen or a pencil. Do you ever have pain while you’re writing? This could help. The website also boasts that they are environmentally friendly and offer an assortment of bright colors.

If you are interested in purchasing these writing aids, click here to buy on Amazon



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