Math Homework Goes Viral After 7-Year-Old’s Mother Can’t Solve It

What better way to celebrate National Puzzle Day than with one of the toughest elementary-school math questions you’ll ever read?

Helping your kids with their math homework shouldn’t be all that hard, considering the work was designed for children and you’re a grown adult.


A mother was left scratching her head after trying to help her seven-year-old daughter with her maths homework.

Angie Werner was stumped when she tried to answer the conundrum and turned to social media to help her out.

The problem asked how many entrants were in a dog show and while at first, the answer appeared to be simple – in fact, it left many parents completely miffed.


Ms. Werner asked Facebook group Breastfeeding Mama Talk Privately if they could make sense of her daughter Ayla’s homework.

The problem asked: ‘There are 49 dogs signed up to compete in the dog show. There are 36 more small dogs than large dogs signed up to compete. How many small dogs are signed up to compete?’

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Most came to the answer 13, but Ms. Werner later explained that teachers told her it was 42.5.

However, this would require ignoring the fact the answer leaves half a dog remaining.

She explained: ‘The district worded it wrong.

‘The answer would be 42.5, though, if done at an age-appropriate grade.’

Apparently, the way to get to 42.5 is as follows – 49-36=13. 13/2=6.5. 36+6.5=42.5

You have to respect the seven-year-olds who can work this sort of thing out.


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