Good Samaritan Buys Entire Supply Of Girl Scout Cookies So They Can Go Home


During this time of year, you may see Girl Scouts in your area sitting outside of the grocery store selling cookies. Everyone loves Girl Scout cookies, but don’t you sometimes feel bad for the girls sitting outside in the freezing cold? One guy certainly did and decided to do something about it.

While South Carolina isn’t really known for cold weather, it has recently been chilly there. It was a cold evening when a Girl Scout troop was selling cookies outside in Greenville. While they were sitting outside, a man bought seven boxes of cookies for $40. He even let them keep the change.


Then Something Amazing Happened

cookie man

A little while later, he came back to the table. In a Facebook post written by the Girl Scout mom who witnessed the event, she reported that he said, “Pack up all of your cookies. I’m taking them all so Y’all can get out of this cold.” Wow, what a nice guy! He spent $540 total on cookies, just so the Girl Scouts could get out of the cold.


She went on to say that they had been sitting outside for about two hours before he bought all the cookies. It was about 34 degrees outside that evening, which is pretty cold, especially for children! The mom and the Girl Scouts were all shocked and couldn’t believe the kind gesture from a stranger.


The Girl Scouts Were So Grateful

girl scout

The Girl Scout troop said they do not know the name of the good Samaritan, but his act of kindness will live on in their hearts. The girls were very excited and grateful for him so that they could go home! What do you think about this heartwarming story? Hopefully, this will help other people to do more acts of kindness around the country.

vintage girl scout

If you live in a chilly area and see freezing Girl Scouts outside, perhaps this will give you an idea to do the same thing. If you don’t have that kind of cash, maybe you can bring blankets or hot chocolate to the Girl Scouts to warm them up!

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Check out this video below that celebrates 100 years of Girl Scout cookies! How old were you when you were a Girl Scout? What is your favorite kind of Girl Scout cookie?

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