Joanna Gaines Opens Up About The Pressures Of Looking Perfect On Social Media


Do you ever feel the pressure to look perfect to an outsider on social media? It is a common problem these days. Many studies have even shown that social media can lead to feelings of anxiety and depression. Lots of celebrities are opening up about feeling this way too, including Joanna Gaines.

She opened up about the pressure to look perfect on social media in the Gaine’s magazine called the Magnolia Journal. The article was in the Spring 2019 issue. She said that as Fixer Upper became popular and her follower count rose, she felt insecure. It was no longer about posting her life, it was more calculated.


Find Out What Gives Joanna Anxiety

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Joanna said that she felt herself critiquing and second-guessing every photo that she took. She was letting this small thing become something else she had to be perfect at. No one is perfect, but social media can make it seem like they are. Many people only post highlights of their life and photoshop every image.

Joanna and Chip Gaines now have five children. Joanna admits that she found herself posing herself and her family, adding filters, or staging photos because she was comparing herself to other people on Instagram.

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According to, she wrote, “There is a certain, creepy allure to a place where we can present ourselves any way we choose with very little accountability. But one could argue that the more versions of ourselves we present to the world, the less real any one of them can be.”

What Joanna Does To Combat Social Media Anxiety

Joanna doesn’t believe that Instagram is all bad and has no plans to leave the social media platform. She said she finds lots of inspiration on Instagram and loves to connect with others. She now reminds herself to stop comparing herself and her page to other people and to stop criticizing herself. When she finds herself criticizing or comparing, she puts down her phone.

If you want to read the entire article, check out the Spring 2019 issue of the Magnolia Journal. What do you think about this issue with social media? Even Joanna Gaines is not immune! Do you find yourself comparing yourself to others online or criticizing yourself because of it?

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