8 Affordable Accessories From Amazon That Will Transform How You Do Laundry


Laundry can be such a hassle. There is always some type of laundry to do and you have to remember to switch it from the washer to the dryer. Then, you have to fold it and put it away. The cycle never ends!

However, there are some genius products that can help you get your laundry done quicker and easier. The best part? They are pretty affordable from Amazon. Check out this list and use the links to purchase the items you can’t live without trying!




You love those giant laundry detergent bottles from Costco right? As easy as they are to use, they can make a huge mess. You don’t want the laundry detergent dripping everywhere, ruining your cabinets or shelves. The Tidy-Cup catches all of that extra detergent and it is under $20. Click here to find out more and purchase!




Do you truly believe that your dryer eats socks? We all have lost socks to the dryer and been forced to wear mismatched socks. Use the SockDock to put all of your pairs of socks in this gadget and throw it in the dryer. When you pull it out, all of your socks are matched and ready to be put away. Click here to find out more and purchase!

Haus Maus Laundry Guard


If you regularly lose clothes, especially socks, behind your washer and dryer, this works as a guard. It will prevent clothes from slipping down the sides or back of your washer or dryer. It uses magnets to clip on or remove easily. Click here to find out more and purchase!

Kikkerland Hedgehog Reusable Dryer Balls


Not only are these super cute, but they also work really well, according to Amazon reviews. Dryer balls are great for removing static without the use of dryer sheets, which are bad for the environment. This pair is under $5! Click here to find out more and purchase!

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