You Should Be Replacing Your Pillows Way More Often Than You Actually Are


When the stresses of life come up, it’s easy to put off things we meant to do like replace our pillows. We typically just think about washing the pillow cases, but we actually should be replacing the pillows themselves as well. And chances are, you don’t replace them nearly as often as you should. It’s okay, we don’t either.

Brent Pfister, vice president of marketing at Tempur-Pedic, has reported that we should be replacing polyester pillows every 6 months, but higher quality pillows can last up to a few years! However, for those of us who have the generic brand of pillows, we should aim for at least once a week. Regardless of what kind of pillows you own/use, it’s important to replace and wash both the case and the actual pillow to ensure they are working properly.


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While neglecting to replace your pillows and pillowcases can lead to an improperly shaped pillow (leading to improper support during your sleep) it’s also important to consider the hygienic factor. An unclean pillowcase can actually cause breakouts on your skin! So, if you’re breaking out a lot and can’t narrow down the reason, it might be a dirty pillowcase.

“[washing your pillowcase at] least once a week is the general consensus among skin care experts,” says PopSugar.


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In addition to causing acne, we regretfully inform you all that it is literally the perfect environment for dust mites. This also goes for the rest of your bedding, too! Failing to change your pillows or overall bedding when it’s due might cause the onset of dust mites in your bed, and we doubt you want dust mites literally on the pillow that you rest your head on.

While many would wash their pillows, it’s also important to note that typically once you throw pillows in the wash, it breaks down all the fluffiness that supports your head at night. Men’s Health suggests that if it’s flat enough to fold, it’s time to get rid of it for good.

Harvard Health – Harvard University

PopSugar additionally states that for any home product that includes touching your body (or, specifically, your face) that product should be replaced or washed weekly to protect from any uncleanliness or harm to our bodies.

This includes our toilets, showers, carpets, makeup brushes, and even our phone screens! Be clean and sleep tight, everyone!


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