Here Is The Real Way To Get Rid Of Annoying Telemarketers


How many sales calls do you get per day? Being on the Do Not Call List doesn’t ensure that you won’t get any annoying telemarketing calls. So, how do you make them go away forever? You just need to know what to do and what to say to them when they inevitably call you.

If you don’t answer these telemarketing calls, they will just keep calling. Here is the best way to get rid of telemarketers for good:


Answer and don’t immediately hang up


Answering and hanging up is just like not answering at all. They will just keep calling. Same goes if you hang up during the conversation without a reason or explanation. They will just mark the call as disconnected and try again another time.

Don’t try to engage in any conversations


Even if you are the most polite person in the world, don’t engage in conversation, even small talk with the telemarketer. It will give them false hope they might be able to convince you into a sale or get some kind of information out of you. Don’t try to explain anything or ask any questions.


Don’t get angry

call log

While you shouldn’t really engage with the person in polite conversation, don’t get angry either. It is just their job and the computer likely chose you as the one they called. If the telemarketer is being rude to you, you are allowed to ask for a manager.

Say this exactly

phone call

The best way to get rid of telemarketers is to simply say this: “Please put me on your do not call list”. If they try to argue, just keep repeating it. Be polite, but be firm. Even though the Do Not Call Registry is not foolproof, make sure you are registered to avoid some calls. It makes it illegal for companies to contact you more than once. Visit for ways to add yourself to the list immediately. You can also report calls that violate the registry on their website. Then you are helping others who get annoyed by these telemarketing calls as well.


What do you normally say to telemarketers when they call you? Do you ever answer or do you always let the calls go to voicemail?

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