7 Signs Of Health Issues That Your Earwax Can Reveal


5. Your ear feels full or you can feel your earwax


If you can actually feel your earwax or your ear feels full, your ear is probably blocked up with earwax. You will need to see a doctor to get the blockage removed and your ears cleaned out. Remember, Q-tips or cotton swabs actually push earwax into your ear and can lead to damage and blockages. Don’t use them to clean your ears.

6. Your ear is itchy



If your ear is constantly itchy or way more itchy than usual, something is probably wrong. If you feel like your earwax is itchy, you may have an infection.

7. Your earwax is getting dry or dark

older ear

As you age, if your earwax feels thicker, drier, or looks darker than usual, it is probably just a sign of aging and nothing to worry about.


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