11 Pests That Could Be Hiding in Your Attic And How To Get Rid Of Them

7. Snakes

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Snakes are good at climbing and can fit into tiny holes, which means, yes, you may find them in your home and in your attic. The snakes you might find in your attic, thankfully, aren’t venomous! Snakes typically seek shelter in order to lay eggs or shed skin. It’s definitely not a good idea to kill the snake yourself, so be sure to call a professional to handle the removal.

8. Birds


If you have any kind of damaged vent or other area of your house, most birds see that as an invitation to build their nest there and start a family. They may not be super bothersome, but they can cause a lot of damage to the area they’re inhabiting with their droppings and the food that they leave which attracts breed flies and carpet beetles. Be sure to call pest-control to handle the removal of the birds and repair the points of entry.

9. Bats

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While bats may be cool to look at in the night sky, they’re definitely not cool to see in your own attic. Your attic is basically just a drier cave for them and they will absolutely take advantage if the opportunity is there. If left unchecked, a bat infestation can cause a huge problem. So, if you suspect you may have a bat issue going on in your attic, be sure to call a professional.

10. Mice

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Similar to the roof rat, mice will use your attic for their nesting area and will chew on your cardboard boxes and insulation. You may set up traps and get rid of them yourself or call pest-control to help remove them.

11. Silverfish

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You’ve probably spotted these weird-looking critters in your basement or bathroom. They can also be found in your attic, usually from transporting boxes from the basement to your attic or other parts of the house. Traps or insecticides can help you out, but in the event of a full infestation, you’ll need an exterminator.

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