What To Do If You Find Bees In Your Home – And Why You Shouldn’t Kill Them


It’s no secret that it’s a terrifying experience catching a bee inside your home, your safe haven. It’s even more terrifying when there’s a swarm of bees and now you are considering an exterminator or being brave enough to put them out yourself. Before you jump the gun, consider your best options.

It’s your safest option to identify what kind of bee it is, call a professional, stay out of sight from the colony, and to absolutely not handle it yourself under any circumstances. By attempting to spray the bee with chemicals, throw stuff at it, or other means of disturbance this may anger the colony and put you and your family in danger.


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The Los Angeles County West Vector & Vector-Borne Disease Control District has issued a number of safety precautions for when you come face to face with a bee infestation. These are especially important to note in the summertime when wasps and other nasty insects can build underground nests and give you an unexpected sting.

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The general precautions include:


  • Listening for buzzing of any kind around the area
  • Look for bees flying back and forth in a straight line
  • Use care when entering sheds or other outdoor buildings
  • Examine most outdoor areas
  • Be alert when participating in any outdoor activity
  • Do not disturb a colony if you find one; contact a professional immediately
  • Teach children to be cautious and respectful of bees
  • Consider bee-sting kits and generic first aid in the event of a sting
  • Develop a safety plan for these kinds of situations if you do get stung
  • If there is any sort of infestation, alert your neighborhood

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