5 Things You Should Never Do To Your Car If You Want To Keep It Nice

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Most of us own cars. Having a car is very common but it is also a big responsibility. You have to take care of your car if you want it to last a long time. There are certain things you need to do every week, month or year that can help your car last and stay in good condition. There are also certain things you should never do.

Here are some things you shouldn’t do if you want to keep your car in tip-top shape. You might think that you’ve been keeping your car in good condition, but overfilling your tires might actually be harmful.


1. Never overfill tires

flat tire
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Some people claim that if you overfill your tires, you can get better gas mileage. However, if you overfill tires, it could make your tires pop, it could wear down your tires more quickly, and could lead to a rough ride in your car. Always fill up your tires to the recommended tire pressure.

2. Never use the wrong coolant or antifreeze


If you fill up your own coolant and antifreeze, make sure to use the correct coolant and antifreeze. The recommended type is in your car’s manual. It could really mess up your car if you use the wrong liquids. If you can’t find the recommended type at your auto parts store, ask for it at your dealership.


3. Never drive if your oil light is on

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If your car has a warning light that the oil is low, you need to stop driving immediately. It means your car’s oil levels are dangerous low or out. It could also signal a leak or a failure. If it comes on when you are driving, pull over and turn the car off. Ask a friend or call AAA to bring you oil to refill it. Make sure you don’t overfill.

4. Never drive with less than a quarter tank of gas


If you consistently drive with a very low gas tank level, you could lead to early fuel pump failure. You should make sure to fill up your gas tank when it starts to hit quarter of a tank. This can help prevent expensive repairs.

5. Never use dishwashing detergent to wash your car

car wash

You should always use car soap to wash your car or head to the car wash. If you use dishwashing detergent meant for dishes, you could be stripping your car’s paint.

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