Man Accidentally Takes A 1,864 Mile Trip On The Wrong Plane


A man by the name of Christopher Paetkau accidentally took a 1,864 mile trip on the wrong plane. The plane that he ended up boarding was going to Iqaluit when he was originally going to Inuvik. Despite the freak accident, he couldn’t help but post about it and laugh. It looks like he made friends with some of the plane staff and other plane members, too!

“I just boarded the wrong airplane and flew to the wrong destination. Can’t believe it. Where will I end up next?” Paetkau posted on his official Twitter account. Paetkau and First Air have also been going back and forth on Twitter over the past 24 hours and it’s pretty hysterical.


Since he decided to make the best of the situation, he pretty much got a tour of the Arctic for free and got to avoid all responsibilities for that time period. Now, I’m sure you’re all guessing what the banter was about online between Paetkau and First Air.

When First Air remembers you and recognizes that you’re now family, that’s when you know you’re in.


Paetkau responds with a jab at the hilarity that was his own mistake. He says that he’ll be there for a holiday party, but by accident…

…In which case First Air responds that they will have the location “clearly marked.” With a winking face. They’re in with the times.

His wife even chimed in with the choir. I bet she’s totally face-palming right now that her husband made the news for a mistake flight.

Some people are even wondering how Paetkau got himself into this mess, stating that their luggage had ended up elsewhere, but not them! Paetkau couldn’t help but respond with a hysterical, “I’ve had the same… although this time my bags went to the right place. I was, however, in the wrong one.” At least he’s honest.

On Twitter, he’s been responding to thousands of people inquiring about the incident. He stated that he was just really tired and a series of errors were made that caused everything to happen the way it did. He even uploaded a video about the situation with no audio. Looks like we can’t let Paetkau travel solo!

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