Secret Hidden Meanings Behind 5 Everyday Objects

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There are some things you use every day that have hidden meanings you may have never thought of. Do you ever wonder why your blue jeans have those tiny pockets that seemingly won’t fit anything? They were first invented to hold pocket watches.

Here are some other items that you may not know their original use. Do you know what the little arrow on your car’s dash means?


1. Tags on bread bags

bread tags
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If you see different colors on the tags or twist ties on your bread bags, these colors generally represent how fresh the bread is. It tells grocers when the bread was delivered. Generally, you can tell which color is which day based on alphabetical order. So, for example, if they are blue, green, red, white, and yellow that would mean Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday.

2. The arrow next to your gas symbol in your car


If you ever wondered what that little arrow was next to the gas symbol on your car’s dashboard, it shows you which side your gas tank is on. If the arrow is pointing to the right, your gas tank is on the right side of your car. This can help you when you go to fill up your gas tank, especially if you are borrowing someone else’s car.


3. The hole in a pen cap

pen cap
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Have you ever noticed a hole in a pen cap? This is actually to keep you breathing if you swallow one! They added this to prevent choking in 1991 when pen makers realized how many people chew on caps and accidentally get them stuck in their throat.

4. The dot next to your smartphone camera

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Have you ever noticed a small black dot next to your camera on the back of your smartphone? This is actually a microphone!

5. The little ridges on the F and J on your keyboard


If you are on your computer right now, take a look at the F and J letters. See those little ridges? Those are to help you align your fingers so you can type properly. You may have learned this if you have taken a typing class.

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