Somebody Decided To Rename These Everyday Objects And The Results Are Hilariously Accurate


This hilarious Twitter account by Mark Dempsey is the funniest thing you’ll see all day. The account’s Twitter handle goes by @CorrectNames and provides new names and a fresh take on all the objects, animals, and food items we see and use every day. From a group of squids whose name is corrected to “squad,” a whale whose name has been corrected to a “panda fish,” many of the corrected names will definitely make you smile, or laugh out loud.

1. Bread Moisturizer


2. Here comes the barcode cow and it seems quite funny.

3. You call it MILK but REAL NAMES believes it to be more accurately the cereal sauce.


4. If you don’t know, the guy named it as Curvy Unicorn.

5. Raw toast and it seems pretty much right.

6. Have you ever heard of foot condom? If not, well this one is right here.

7. The combination of dog and doctor makes DOGTOR.

What do you think?

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