Paid Job Offer For Someone To Take Care Of 55 Cats In Greece


If you’re a cat person, or just an animal person in general, you might want to take up this job. God’s Little People Cat Rescue recently posted on their Facebook page that they’re looking for someone to take care of 55 cats on the island of Syros in Greece. No, they’re not kidding.

The job comes with an undisclosed salary, a house will fully-covered utilities, and a private garden with views of the Aegean Sea. The person who is granted this job will be in charge of feeding the cats, giving them their medicine, and handling all generic pet duties. They’re looking for a candidate who has some veterinary training, is over the age of 45, and can drive the cats to a vet if need be.


PAID JOB OFFER WITH CATS! (this is genuine and NOT a joke – friends, please feel free to verify!). A very special…

Posted by God's Little People Cat Rescue on Sunday, August 5, 2018

The job listing says, “We are located in a secluded nature preserved area which is very tranquil and quiet in winter time but busy during the summer. You’ll no doubt thrive best if you are the type of person who appreciates nature and likes tranquility—and rest[s] comfortably in your own company. That said, you’ll never feel lonely in the company of the cats and you’ll be expected to live with a small handful of cats in your house.”

Posted by God's Little People Cat Rescue on Sunday, August 5, 2018

It’s stated that the first round of the job will be primarily volunteer. However, after a few weeks the candidate would be working for pay for about four hours a day for a minimum of six months, beginning on November 1st. The job listing says to send your photo and resume to [email protected] for those who are genuinely interested and qualified for the position.


Posted by God's Little People Cat Rescue on Sunday, August 5, 2018

The ideal candidate, apart from being qualified in pet care, is a genuine lover of cats and passionate about spending time with them and providing them exceptional love and care. They would prefer having someone who shares the same values and ideals towards cats in general.

Their Facebook ‘about’ section provides tons of information on the rescue center and their background. It reads, “God’s Little People Cat Rescue is a registered charity no. 1312/2018 and no-kill, no-cage lifetime sanctuary and adoption center based on the Greek Cycladic island of Syros. Currently home to more than 65 rescue cats and we daily feed a colony of stray cats on the island. All the cats are neutered and all cats receive a good quality food, fresh water, shelter and medical attention whenever needed.”

Posted by God's Little People Cat Rescue on Monday, August 6, 2018

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