6 Very Common Cooking Mistakes You Might Still Be Making

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Cooking is delightful for some and annoying for others. But, we all need to eat, so most of us need to cook. However, you might still be making some very common mistakes that any chef would tell you to stop doing immediately.

Here are some common cooking mistakes to stop doing tonight. How many of these mistakes have you made in the past?


1. Overcrowding a pan


Don’t overcrowd any pans when cooking. Think any pan or skillet. Basically, just leave enough room so your food isn’t touching while it cooks. This will ensure all items look evenly.

2. Undersalt pasta water


You need salt when you make pasta or it will become very bland. If you aren’t sure how much salt to use, use about 1 1/2 tablespoons of salt for every pound of pasta you’re using. You also want to season the water when you cook rice or quinoa.


3. Using the wrong measuring cup

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There are dry measuring cups and liquid measuring cups for a reason. This is especially important for baking because the measurements really matter. Dry ingredients should be level in the measuring cup before you add them to your mixture.

4. Putting cold meat in a hot pan or hot food in a cold fridge

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Let cold meat go to room temperature before putting it in a hot pan, on a hot grill or in a hot oven. This will prevent the outside from burning. Same goes for cooked food. Let it cool down before you throw it in the fridge. Speaking of the fridge, another tip is to never put tomatoes in the fridge.

5. You’re cooking with garlic all wrong

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Garlic burns very easy so you’ll need to add it last to all recipes.

6. Not letting meat rest


Wait a few minutes before you cut into your meat after you cook it. It will be way more delicious because the juices will redistribute.

Did you know all of these common cooking mistakes? Do you make these mistakes or are you a cooking pro?

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