Christy Turlington’s Daughter, Grace, Is 14 And Nailing The Supermodel Poses Like Mom


Model Christy Turlington is no stranger to the mom life and she proudly gushes over her two children, Grace and Finn. Her daughter, Grace, is 14 years old (soon to be 15 on October 23rd) and shares a striking resemblance to her supermodel mother.

In addition to modeling, Turlington also participates in other business ventures. She also partners with Sundari, a skincare line, and two clothing lines produced by Puma. She has also contributed to writings in Marie Claire, Teen Vogue, and Yoga Journal. Moreover, she’s had guest posts featured on Huffington Post and was a guest correspondent on NBC’s Today show.


Turlington often reminisces about the days where her babies were actually just babies. She’s a sucker for long, sappy Instagram posts about her children, including one that reads, “I remember bringing you home from the birth center the day you were born during a huge storm so we wouldn’t get snowed in. Those first months were rough but we got through them.”

She also made an appreciative post for her children on Mother’s Day, thanking them. The post read, “Thank you to these two who made me a mom. You inspire me every day to make the world a better place. My wish for every mother is that she can be healthy and have access to the healthcare she needs so that she can thrive in motherhood. Happy Mother’s Day to all the Mamas and all of those who depend on us!”


Grace nails the model pose!

She’s got that model face down, too! Definitely takes after her mother.

grace burns
gracemburns / VSCO

Turlington loves to look back on old videos and photos! For her daughter’s 14th birthday, she posted an incredibly heartwarming post including two videos from the day she was born and a silhouetted photo of them together. The post read, “Hard to believe my girl is 14 today. She is my daughter, my teacher and my friend and the inspiration of @everymomcounts. I can’t imagine my life without her in it.”

It’s no secret that family is super important to Turlington and she’s definitely in the running for the Mom of the Year Award! All the best to her family.

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