Vineyard Experts Create Cotton Candy Grapes And They’re Delicious


Thinking of trying a new diet but not excited for bland, healthy food? Well, say no more, because cotton candy grapes exist and will satisfy your sweet tooth like no other. BuzzFeed was the first to document a cotton candy grapes taste test and the testers had no idea these even existed, but were pleasantly surprised.

One of the owners at the Grapery, Jim Beagle, introduced cotton candy grapes to the Internet in 2015. In the video he visits a cotton candy vineyard where he reveals the Grapery is part of a breeding program where they breed new kinds of grapes. It’s 100% natural and non-GMO, so you can bet they’re just as good for you as regular-tasting grapes.

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“I don’t know how a grape can taste like cotton candy,” one of the taste testers said. Upon eating the grapes, one of the testers even said it smells like a normal grape. Every single tester was freaked out when they realized it actually tasted like cotton candy! One of the testers described it as “flavor tripping” and we agree there’s no better way to describe it.

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All of the taste testers, who were guests from Buzz Feed, agreed that this would be a great option for kids who would rather opt for candy than fruit. Now they have fruit that tastes like candy! Now, they just need to make all vegetables taste like pizza.

The Grapery has an official website where you can learn all about the grapes, the breeding process, and even find them at a retailer in your area.

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The Grapery was founded in 1996 by co-owner Jack Pandol. He knew a lot about vineyards from a young age because his grandfather emigrated from Croatia in the early 1900s and started his own vineyard in California’s San Joaquin Valley. Jack learned some valuable insights working with his father and uncles in the family business. This was when he decided to branch out and start his own, thus the Grapery was born.


The Grapery promises a completely organic, non-GMO, plant-to-plate system to its customers. They can be found at big name retailers including Stop and Shop and Big Y.

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