3 Steps To Creating An Affordable, Easy, DIY Pool For The Summer


Stock tank pools are the new DIY trend. People love these pools because they aren’t too much work to maintain and they’re also super affordable. If you’re also looking just to take a dip and cool off from the hot summer sun, this is your perfect alternative to a huge pool.

The best thing about stock tank pools, besides the obvious, is that you can do it yourself if needed (but you could also have a professional come in and set it up for you). You can customize it however you’d like and make it the cutest little pool in the neighborhood. Here’s 3 important steps to creating your affordable stock tank pool!


1. Location is everything

Location really is everything when deciding the basics of your pool. It’s a given to choose a location that is completely flat and leveled. You’ll also want to consider a mostly shaded spot, since metal is a natural heat compressor.

Be sure to be careful about placing your pool on a deck, as the standard pool can weigh as much as a Suburban when filled. Lastly, if you’re considering placing steps or a ladder around the pool, make sure to account for that extra room.


2. Size and Shape

A round shape is usually more viable if you want to have multiple people sharing the pool, but you could opt for oval if you wish. Round-sized tanks come in an 8′ diameter and 6′ diameter. There are other sizes up to 10′, but these two are the most popular. If you’re picking an oval-shaped pool, the available sizes are 3′ x 8′, 2′ x 6′, and 2′ x 4′. They all run 2′ tall. It’s completely up to your personal preference.

3. Drain or Maintain?

Similar to normal pools, stock tank pools can get grimy and gross really fast if not maintained properly. Thankfully, there’s not much to maintain by the size. If you choose to drain, simply drain the water from the pool at the end of the week and refill. This is the easiest method with the lowest maintenance.

With this being said, be sure your pool has a way to drain. Most tank pools use a built-in 1″-1.5″ drain plug. The other option is to implement a filtration system and traditional pool chemicals once per week.

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