After 7 Successful Seasons, ABC Has Canceled ‘The Chew’

the chew

After seven seasons, the hour-long cooking show The Chew will be replaced with one more hour of Good Morning America.

The current hosts of the show, Carla Hall, Clinton Kelly, and Michael Symon, all expressed their gratitude towards fans of the show on social media, in addition to how bummed they are that the show was not being renewed.


The hosts have loved working on the show and connecting with the audience, so they’re sad that it’s been canceled.

Despite their disappointment, the hosts have tried to remain positive. They’ve all thanked their fans and followers, and they’re looking forward to what’s to come in the future.


Thank you for all your kind messages. Yes, The Chew was canceled. Huge bummer, but that’s the TV biz. Michael, Carla and…

Posted by Clinton Kelly on Wednesday, May 23, 2018

It’s kind of heartbreaking to see how upset the hosts are, but I’m sure they’ll go on to do more great projects in the coming years.

As you may have heard by now we found out today this is our final season of The Chew … I Just want to say thank you to…

Posted by Michael D. Symon on Wednesday, May 23, 2018

In addition to the current hosts of the show expressing their thoughts about the cancellation, the fans were definitely not silent about it either! Many fans took to the Internet to put forth their ideas and thoughts about the cancellation.

We agree, Lauren. We agree. Talking about food is way better than talking about the current news.

Solid input from Wanda, here. Who can relate?

Some fans had opinions about which shows should be canceled instead of The Chew. Why do they have to cancel any shows, though? The current lineup is great!

Aww, we find the sentiment in Rosalinda’s kind words with this one. Cooking lovers will surely miss this show! But who knows, maybe another network will pick up the show.


The cancellation of the show was addressed by the hosts themselves, on a live episode of The Chew. “It’s an interesting day here at The Chew because most of you might have heard, some of you might not have, but The Chew has not been picked up for an eighth season—our seventh season is our last,” Clinton Kelly stated. This announcement was followed by boos from the audience [addressed at ABC for refusing to pick up the show for an 8th season].

Kelly followed up by stating that, “The mood is a little sad around here,” expressing their feelings of disappointment and sadness about the cancellation.

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