This Is Why You Should Never Wash Dishes During A Thunderstorm

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Thunderstorms can be beautiful, scary, and overwhelming. Everyone reacts differently to thunder and lightning; some people love storms, while others absolutely hate them. Most people can agree that being outside during a thunderstorm isn’t the most fun, though. Plus, it can be dangerous to be outside during a bad thunderstorm.

When it’s dark and stormy out, most people hunker down inside. It can be a great time to read a book, take a nap, or catch up on some chores. You have to be careful, though; for example, you should never wash dishes during a thunderstorm.


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Why not? Well, in the simplest terms, because it’s dangerous. If lightning strikes your house, the electric surge can travel through pipes and water and actually shock you!

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According to National Weather Service (NWS) lightning safety specialist John Jensenius, staying safe during a storm requires more than just going inside.


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To keep yourself safe during a thunderstorm (or a hurricane), you should stay away from everything that conducts electricity. Many people think that just means they should stay away from electronic devices and metal, but there’s more to it than that.

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Jensenius explains, “Water can conduct electricity as well. We see that on the outside where lightning strikes something and if there are puddles around, it can easily electrocute somebody nearby the puddle.”

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So washing the dishes isn’t the only thing you shouldn’t do; it’s better to avoid all running water during a storm, just to be safe. Yes, you can still flush the toilet, but try waiting until the storm is over before you shower.

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