Mitzi Shore, Comedy Store Owner And Mother Of Pauly Shore, Dies At 87


Comedy Store founder and owner Mitzi Shore has died … TMZ has learned.

Mitzi Shore was an American comedy club owner who founded the Los Angeles comedy club, The Comedy Store in 1972 and became owner two years later. Through the club, she has had a huge influence on the careers of up-and-coming comedians for decades. Mitzi also founded Comedy Channel Inc. in 1982.


Mitzi, the mother of Pauly Shore, died in L.A. Wednesday morning after battling Parkinson’s Disease for years.

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Mitzi’s Comedy Store was the launching pad for some of the biggest comics in the world, including Robin WilliamsRichard PryorDavid LettermanJay LenoJim CarreyChris RockArsenio Hall and Roseanne Barr.



Mitzi had been in hospice for a while, and Pauly took her to the Comedy Store Monday afternoon to say goodbye.

Mitzi Shore with Pauly Shore 1999 – The Hollywood Reporter

She’s survived by 4 children. Mitzi was 87. RIP


Source: TMZ

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