These Vintage Photos Of The Beauty Parlors And Hair Dryers Bring Back Memories Of Mom


Whether your first memories of the beauty parlor were tagging along while your mom went to have her hair set or getting your hair and makeup done for a school dance, there’s no mistaking the familiar sight of a group of women waiting to have their hair finished while excitedly chatting away.

A woman sits under a chrome-plated hair dryer, 1928.

Keystone-France/Getty Images

Woman in Beauty Parlor, 1928


A stylist uses a freestanding dryer to blow dry a client’s hair with controlled precision at the Hairdressing Fair of Fashion in London, 1929.

Getty Images

The English boxer Phil Scott is now Hairdresser in Thornton Heath / London. 18th September 1930.

Puttnam /Topical Press Agency/Getty Images

A woman tries a new hair drying machine at the Hairdressing Fashion Fair in London. Nov. 5, 1930.

Popperfoto/Getty Images

Woman in Beauty Parlor,1930

Austrian Archives/Hulton Archive/Getty Images

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