The actress’ passport got stamped a whole lot more after she got with Harry!

While none of her Instagram images actually have the royal featured, there certainly have been a number of photos from her travels to England.

3. She’s Down to Earth

Meghan will most certainly be a people’s princess! “When she’s not working, she’s totally a ‘jeans and tee’ kind of girl,” a source told ET. ”She’s way more into having a low-key night in than going out to party. She’s very smart, hardworking, and incredibly sweet.”

4. How She Describes Herself

“I’m an actress, a writer, the editor-in-chief of my lifestyle brand The Tig, a pretty good cook, and a firm believer in handwritten notes,” she told Elle UK.

Not long after getting together with Harry, Markle did take down her lifestyle website but kept her Instagram active.

5. She’s a UN Women Advocate

Like Harry, Markle wants to make a difference in the world. “I spoke about this in a speech I gave for International Women’s Day with UN Women just two years ago. It is a testament to the fighting spirit I had as a young girl, and the responsibility I now feel as a grown woman; and even more so as an actress,” she wrote on The Tig last year. “The moment Suits became successful and I realized people (especially young women) were listening to what I had to say.”