25 Secrets Casinos REALLY Don’t Want You To Know


If you ask anyone who gambles regularly, you’ll get advice. If you ask someone else who gambles regularly, you’ll get a lot of different advice. There’s no magic secret to winning big, that’s why it’s called gambling, and casinos are pretty straightforward about the fact that they’re there to entertain you and separate you from your money. Still, there are some basic tips that can help a novice not completely lose their life savings the moment they step on the floor. Here are 25 Secrets Casinos Don’t Want You To Know.

1. Don’t play Keno. The odds are absolutely terrible. Donate or save the money instead. Or try one of the giant huge cheap buffets. Just don’t play Keno. Literally, no one has ever matched all 20 numbers on a 20 spot ticket.


2. Everyone gets free drinks, even those who pay the penny slots if you play for long enough. Just keep in mind that MOST of those are watered down well drinks, and the less you’re spending, the more infrequent the drinks will be.


3. Play at fuller tables. More people per table, the slower the game goes, and the more time you have to think. This is particularly helpful if you’ve got the basics of the game and need a chance to practice strategy.


4. Slot machines and video poker machines with lower denominations have much lower payouts. So even if you win at the nickel slots, you’re not going to be winning big. However, if you increase the amount you gamble on each bet, the payout will be bigger. The payout is based on the amount YOU bet, not how many bets total have been placed or how many times the machine has been used.


5. Don’t sit down and spend a bunch of money at a game you have no idea how to play. Accept that in order to learn to play a new game, you’re going to have to likely lose whatever money you put it. Stick to the basics, and stay away from the weird if you want to go home with something in your pocket other than regret.


6. Don’t play against the locals. If the dealer knows everyone by name and starts asking about their kids, leave that table. These people make their living off tourists in casinos, and they will likely eat you for lunch.


7. Yes, card counting is legal. Casinos don’t usually expect you to do this but can’t stop you. It’s also far more difficult than most people realize and takes quite awhile to learn. There are maybe 100 professional card counters in the world. Even if card counting IS legal, a Casino is perfectly within their rights to kick you out and ban you for it. The dealer is watching you, security is watching you, the pit boss might be watching you. If they don’t throw you out, it’s very likely they’re going to change the rules to trip you up.


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