11 Surprising Lessons Found In A 1960s Home Economics Textbook

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Home economics classes have actually seriously progressed throughout the years considering that they initially ended up being a typical part of the high school curriculum.

By the time I was a senior, basically, all the lessons listed below would have been chuckled from the class. Sure, we had classes that taught us the essentials of sewing as well as some household preparation. That stated I can absolutely say I was never ever taught anything like the seriously doubtful budgeting “idea” in # 6. In truth, I’m quite sure the majority of my instructors would have recommended the opposite.


However back in 1964, the majority of these lessons from the Senior High School Curriculum Guide for Home Economics were viewed as completely typical.

Have a look to see if you remember studying up on any of these lessons in the past.



1. Wash Dishes With One Hand

Wikimedia Commons / Chris Lund

2. You Can’t Be Pretty With Bad Posture

Wikimedia Commons

3. Your Room Is Her “Private World”

Flickr / Paul Townsend

4. All Parties Should Have A Theme

Flickr / Seattle Municipal Archives

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