15 Vintage Halloween Photos That Will Give You Nightmares

6. Nothing says creepy like a little girl in an enormous coat. Throw a helmet that’s either made entirely of duct tape or designed to look like the surface of Mars into the mix, and you’ve created something everyone secretly fears to see slowly teetering towards them on a sidewalk at night.

7. This is another pair of costumes that inspire so many questions. Are these small children with large boxes on their heads? Or adults who’ve covered their faces and stuck masks on the stomachs? Why are their arms so floppy? Ah well, kudos to them for being creepy.

8. As far as vintage costumes go, you’ve gotta hand it to the makers of these large eyes set atop a pair of sleek black suits with white ties. These certainly make for a cool Halloween look, don’t they? Just don’t make any plans to eat or drink…

9. These costumes are a bit unsettling but surprisingly well-done. Thanks to some head-hiding costume magic, this pair successfully dressed up like a little kid’s drawings of people, with arms and legs sprouting right out of a massive face.

10. Nothing says Halloween like a truly regal flightless bird. Somehow, wearing this costume boldly and proudly with a puffed-out chest makes this get-up less creepy and more impressive.

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