The 30 Best Talking Animals In Film


26. Stuart Little


The Real Animal: A teeny tiny little mouse.

The Movie Animal: Stuart, who doesn’t let his diminutive stature get in the way of having great, walloping adventures.


Best Quote: “I’m so happy! I… I feel 10 inches tall!”

27. Pongo in 101 Dalmatians


The Real Animal: A black-and-white dog. Likes walks. Hates being left alone.


The Movie Animal: Pongo, the patriarch in a family of Dalmatians, and not adverse to going on a cracking adventure in search of his kidnapped kids. He also refers to his owner as a pet, which of course is exactly how a dog would think.

Best Quote: “It was plain to see that my old pet needed someone, but if it were left up to Roger, we’d be bachelors forever. He was married to his work writing songs. Songs about the romance of all things. Something he knew absolutely nothing about.”

28. Milo And Otis


The Real Animal: A tabby cat and a fawn pug, both of which live for food, sleep, and excretion.

The Movie Animal: This cuddly twosome comes courtesy of Japanese cinema, and find themselves going on an adventure when they’re separated. Too cute for words.

Best Quote: 
“Want some more dinner? Remember, you’re eating for eight now!”

29. Jiminy Cricket in Pinocchio


The Real Animal: A cricket – yeah those annoying things that sky-bomb you when you’re in the garden, then play strings all night when you’re trying to sleep.

The Movie Animal: Not just a cricket, but also Pinocchio’s conscience, Jiminy’s a chipper little fellow with some really natty togs.


Best Quote: “You buttered your bread. Now sleep in it!”

30. Tigger in The Many Adventures Of Winnie The Pooh


The Real Animal: Well, technically a tiger – largest of all cats according to our sources.

The Movie Animal: The bounciest, most optimistic stripy animal out there. Even better, Tigger’s even got his own song.

Best Quote: 
“T-T-F-N! Ta-ta for now!”


Credits: gamesradar

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