Natural History Museum Changes Dinosaur Display After 10-Year-Old Points Out Mistake

A young paleontologist-in-training totally called out this museum’s mislabeling of a dinosaur.

The Telegraph/SimpleLife

Charlie Edwards is 10 now, but he’s wanted to be a paleontologist since he was just 3 years old. Recently, his nearly lifelong dinosaur obsession paid off in a big way.

Charlie Edwards with one of his dinosaur toys CREDIT: EAST NEWS PRESS AGENCY (The Telegraph UK)

Charlie was attending a birthday sleepover at the “Dino Snores for Kids” attraction at the Natural History Museum in London when he noticed a sign illustrating the size difference between a human and an Oviraptor. But Charlie noticed a problem: The dinosaur shown on the sign was not an Oviraptor.

Charlie Edwards (right) at the museum with younger brother Ronnie (left). Words CREDIT: EAST NEWS PRESS AGENCY (The Telegraph UK)


“Charlie said, ‘that’s wrong’ and I said ‘what do you mean?’” Charlie’s mom, Jade, told The Telegraph. “He said ‘this part here is not right, that’s not an Oviraptor.’ I said to him, ‘This is the Natural History Museum. I know you’re really good with your dinosaur information but I’m not sure if you’re right.’”


Jade said that, despite her reassurances, Charlie was adamant that the museum had made an error, repeating, “I’m telling you, I’m right.”

So when the family got home from the sleepover, Charlie’s parents sent a quick email to the museum asking if Charlie was indeed correct. To their surprise, the museum replied with a letter informing them that Charlie was right, thanking him for his diligence, and assuring him they would make the necessary changes to the sign to reflect the correct information.

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