25 Things They Should Have Taught Us In School

It’s Never Too Late To Learn


Flickr / Christopher Sessums
Flickr / Christopher Sessums

1. Keeping close track of your bank account and preparing a detailed budget is the most practical kind of math you will ever know.


2. People who have to leave your life for one reason or another do not automatically leave your social circle, geographic location, or local haunts. It is imperative to learn how to deal with them without making a mess of yourself as quickly as possible.

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3. If you wear an amazing outfit and no one got to see it, you can wear it again, guilt-free.

House Of Navayle – blogger

4. Learning to cook basic meals for yourself instead of constantly relying on pre-made stuff is, beyond better for you health-wise, an extreme relief for your wallet.


4. There are going to be horrible roommates in your lifetime, and learning to extricate yourself from those living situations, a) gracefully and b) with security deposit intact, is an art everyone should practice.


5. If you don’t learn to fix minor problems — electrical, automotive, or otherwise — you are likely going to be exploited by people who know how to do them and want your money.


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