Because it turns out that your old CDs might be worth rather more than you think. The delivery company Fastline Digital has, for some reason, compiled a report into the most valuable second-hand CDs currently on the market. The results are enough to make you clamber up into the attic and dust off your obsolete music.

Below are five rare CDs that are on sale or recently sold for a fairly ludicrous amount of money. Most are still available to buy, if you happen to have a hefty whack of cash kicking about.

Suppose it makes sense that deceased geniuses like David Bowie and Michael Jackson would have rare, expensive CDs in their name, but isn’t it weird that Coldplay and Eminem are on the list too? Like, they’re both great acts, but would you pay thousands of pounds for bits of plastic with their names on? Somebody would – because this lot are going for an eye-watering amount.