Childhood Smells That Will Bring You Instant Nostalgia


The olfactory nerve, otherwise known as the memory of smell is known as the strongest source of memory, it deals with the memory from smells. Our lives are always changing with the products we use, the things we like to do, and the foods we used to eat. Every once in a while, though, the passing smell of something from the good old days sends you floating backward in time to being young again. Here are some of those smells from childhood- the smells that take us back.

Fresh Homemade Bread


If you baked bread with your mom back when you were little, you will remember baking with your mama whenever you smell bread baking anywhere. It is one of the most welcoming smells in the world.

Cedar Chest


Cedar Chest / via Yahoo

At one point in time, cedar chests were on every young woman’s registry list. The best was opening the lid to take out a blanket and that cedar smell would rise up like an old pal.

New Baby Doll

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Myra Erhard / Pinterest

While older men loved the smell of a new car, brand new baby dolls had a very particular scent that little girls will remember for the rest of their lives.

School Paste

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Elmer’s Products / via Wikipedia

Remember that subtly sharp smell during arts and crafts time in elementary school? Every time you smell that smell now it’ll take you back to making popsicle stick figurines and other crafts.


Moth Balls

Old Mothballs / via Pinterest

Our parents and grandparents used these for everything, including storage or clothing. Whenever you open your parents’ old coat closet, chances are this smell will be lingering long after you empty it.

Burnt Marshmallows

Debora Clark / via Pinterest

Everyone remembers sticking a marshmallow onto a stick and toasting it over an open fire. Sometimes before the marshmallows, there would be hot dogs put on these sticks. Some liked their marshmallows hot, but some liked their marshmallows hotter- burnt.

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