Top Ten Blockbusters Of 1977

These epic films turn 40 this year and it feels like they were just released yesterday

Left- Saturday Night Fever Right- Smokey and the Bandit

It was forty years ago and we were with our dates or with our friends or with our parents or with all of the above waiting in line to go see the next biggest blockbuster of the year. It seems that 1977 was definitely the year for Hollywood and New Hollywood hits. From storylines to introductions of legendary directors to the newest and the introductions of the hottest stars being placed on the big screen 1977 could easily be labeled a solid year of various film legacies plus the cost of tickets was a fraction of what it is today. These are the top ten films that turn forty this year.

  • Annie Hall (April 20th, 1977)A comedian named Alvy Singer portrayed by Woody Allen makes a full examination of the rise and fall of his relationship with his poor and struggling bar singer Annie Hall who is played by Diane Keaton. Breaking the fourth wall to Speak directly to the audience in front of a blank backdrop, Alvy Singer reminisces temporarily on his childhood  adolescent days before he eases in to the story of how he and Annie met in modern day, fell in love, and struggled with the all the generic obstacles of modern romance.

  • Star Wars (May 25th, 1977) 

    The beloved cult phenomenon came out forty years ago this year. Darth Vader played by David Powse’s Imperial Forces  hold Princess Leia played by Carrie Fischer hostage in their plans to annihilate the rebellion against the Galactic Empire. Luke Skywalker played by Mark Hamill and Han Solo played by Harrison Ford who is the captain of the Millennium Falcon collaborate with the lovable droid duo R2-D2 played by Kenny Baker and C-3PO played by Anthony Daniels to save the gorgeous princess, help the defend Rebel Alliance, and bring freedom and justice back to the Galaxy.

  • Saturday Night Fever (December 12th, 1977)

    Tony Manero played byJohn Travolta doesn’t really have anything going on Mondays through Fridays. He still lives at home and is a clerk at a paint store in his area of Brooklyn, N.Y. but on the weekends, he comes to life as he and his friends go to the local disco club and dance dance dance. When an important dance competition is announced, he hassles the pretty and talented Stephanie played by Karen Lynn Gorney to be his dance partner. As the two train gruelingly for the big night, they start to fall in love.

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