Photos That Will Take You Back To Your Grandma’s House


Looking back, there are certain traits about my grandma’s house that remind me of all of the precious times I spent there. I didn’t appreciate those memories then, but nowadays when I think about it, I really do cherish those fond memories. In the words of a wise songstress, “Don’t it always seem to go that you don’t know what you’ve got ’til it’s gone?” That line could easily apply to this notion of mine. This also furthermore leads me to present this list of the general tropes of grandma’s house that all of us so warmly remember.

The suitcase I packed To Go To Grandma’s

I’m Going To Grandma’s/Pinterest

Baking With Grandma

Baking With Grandma (Pinterest)

Rose Milk Skin Cream In The Bathroom

Rose Milk Moisturizer (Pinterest)

A Tin Full Of beautiful Vintage buttons

Vintage Button Tin (Pinterest)

Bath Beads In A Jar

Bath Gel Beads (Pinterest)

Vinyl Slipcover Couch

Vinyl Covered Sofa (Pinterest)

Green Textured Glasses

Anchor Hocking Juice Glasses (Pinterest)

Hand Crocheted Multi-Color Afghan

Crochet Granny Square Blanket (Pinterest)

Kitschy Crocheted Toilet Paper Cover

Toilet Paper Cover (Pinterest)

The Infamous House Dress


Grandma’s Slippers

Slip On Slippers (Pinterest)

Hanging Mothball Holder 

Closet deodorizer/freshner/pomander/mothball holder /vintage camper/vintage. (Etsy)

Vintage Crochet Table Cloth

Lovely Decor

Cooking Utensils 

Cooking Utensils (Pinterest)

Tin Of Butter Cookies


Which was later used for Buttons, Sewing Supplies and/or trinkets:

Sewing Supplies (Buzzfeed) / Buttons (Pinterest)

Tomato Shaped Pin Cushion

Ruby Lane

Sleeping In Separate Twin Size Beds


With Chenille Or Crocheted Coverlet’s


And Then There Were Satin Comforters


Don’t Forget: Wall-To-Wall Shag Carpet

1970s – Page 2 – Ugly House Photos

Ornate Candy Bowls With Mints

Stardom Awaits!

Or, Hard Candies


Do you have a favorite memory from your Grandmas? Smells, Kitschy items or Sweet times, Collectibles that you want to share?


We want to hear about your warm and fuzzy memories?

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