Man Attempts To Get Into Disney World Park With Unused $8 Ticket From 1978


Tiktoker Matthew Able found a 1978 Disney World Park ticket in his family’s desk drawer and shared his discovery, which he assumed to be a souvenir, with his TikTok followers. “It’s been collecting dust since before I was born,” he said while inspecting it with a magnifying glass.

He “always assumed it was an old family keepsake until I realized that it’s never been used and there’s no expiration date. Which means I’ve either found the golden ticket here, or I’m delusional thinking that the Mouse is going to let me use it to get inside nearly half a century later.”


Man tries entering Disney World with 46-year-old ticket

@matthewables I tried getting into Disney World using a 46 year old ticket #disneyworld #disney #themepark #funny #fyp ♬ original sound – Matthew Ables

Matthew flew to Orlando, Florida, and took his fans on a virtual journey with him. As he approached the ticketing booth at the Magic Kingdom, he got a bit nervous as the woman at the stand “aggressively” stamped “VOID” on his coupon and went her way. However, she soon circled back and gave him a yellow ticket which he used to gain entrance into the park.


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Although Matthew arrived with a 46-year-old ticket which cost $8 back then—which would have been $164 today—it was wholesome that the park acknowledged the keepsake and let him in. Some of his fans noted in the comments that it was not unusual for visitors to show up with old tickets. “I used to work Magic Kingdom Guest Relations,” a user named Allison wrote. “This exact scenario would happen a few times a week!”


After technically getting into Disney World with the old booklet which read, “10 Adventures in Walt Disney World The Magic Kingdom” and “Admit one entry to The Magic Kingdom,” Matthew confessed that he “can’t believe this actually worked,” while approaching the Disney World entrance castle. His video went viral with over 9.2 million views in the first week, and nearly a million likes.

TikTok video screenshot

He also inspired some viewers to check back on their old ‘80s and ‘90s tickets as well. “What! My grandparents have like 10 of those! thought it was a souvenir all these years,” someone gushed in realization. “My whole childhood, my parents used old tickets they had. It’s always been so cool they still accept them,” another added, with some other TikTok user calling them “treasured relic I do hope they put it up like a museum piece.” “It is something from the past,” they said.

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