‘Charmed’ Cast, Including Shannen Doherty, Holly Marie Combs, Reuniting After Rumored “Tension”


The Power of Three will come to be! Fans of the magical 2000s series Charmed will get to see several of its main stars reunite, including Shannen Doherty, Holly Marie Combs, and more. They will be participating in ’90s Con this autumn, which will be hosted for this round in Daytona Beach, Florida.

Doherty and Combs, along with Alyssa Milano, made up the original starring trio that was the Halliwell sisters, women who discover they each have unique witchy powers they must use to protect non-magical innocents from the forces of evil, from warlocks to demons. Rose McGowan replaced Doherty for season four after a messy exit steeped in rumors of feuds and sabotage. This impending reunion follows a fresh wave of chatter surrounding Doherty’s departure.


Shannen Doherty and Holly Marie Combs are reuniting with more of the ‘Charmed’ cast for ’90s Con

Shannen Doherty, Holly Marie Combs, and much of the Charmed cast are once again reuniting for ’90s Con / Fergus Greer / TV Guide /© The WB Television Network / Courtesy Everett Collection

Shannen and Holly, who played Prudence “Prue” and Piper Halliwell respectively, will be joined this autumn by McGowan (Paige Halliwell), Brian Krause (Leo Wyatt), Dorian Gregory (Detective Darryl Morris), and Jennifer Rhodes (Grandma Penny Halliwell). The convention runs from September 13 to 15.


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Much of this cast was present for ’90s Con in 2023, then hosted at the Connecticut Convention Center in Hartford. Alyssa Milano, who maintained her role as Phoebe Halliwell throughout the show’s entire eight-season run was not able to attend the event last year but posted a celebratory image on Instagram featuring herself alongside her TV-sisters.

Milano captioned the post, “This makes me so happy for the OG Charmed fans, what a gift!”

The sisterhood, messiness and all, endures at ’90s Con

CHARMED, Rose McGowan, Season 6, 1998- © The WB/Courtesy: Everett Collection

More often than not, siblinghood comes with a bit of tension, and that certainly manifested between the lead trio, especially near the end of Doherty’s tenure. Doherty, Combs, Milano, and the rest have been transparent about the situation, though conditions surrounding Doherty’s departure remained a topic of debate even between members of the cast and crew.

Primarily, rumors suggested Milano was a driving force behind Doherty leaving, with adjacent speculation saying Doherty created a toxic work environment.

The topic came up during chat between Combs and Doherty during Shannen’s Let’s Be Clear podcast. Holly recalled meeting with a producer and asking about the cast shakeup.

“He said, ‘We didn’t mean to—but we’ve been backed into this corner—we’re basically in this position where it’s one or the other,” Holly outlined. “We were told [by Alyssa] it’s her or [Shannen] and Alyssa has threatened to sue us for a hostile workplace environment.”

Alyssa has denied responsibility. “I did not have the power to get anyone fired,” she shared in a February Instagram post. During MegaCon in Orlando Milano also said she was “sad for the fans” that Charmed might have been “tarnished by a toxicity that is still, to this day, almost a quarter of a century later, still happening.”

Milano added, “I think, been very upfront and taken accountability for and apologised for whatever part I played in the situation and I’ve been very forthcoming about that. So I don’t know how else to fix it. I even don’t know if I could put myself out there any more than I already have to to try to fix it. It’s heartbreaking. It’s hard. This is the uncomfortable part that I wish was different. So apologies to all of you who love us anyway.”

CHARMED, from left: Alyssa Milano, Shannen Doherty, Holly Marie Combs, 2000, 1998-2006. ph: Richard Cartwright /© The WB Television Network / Courtesy Everett Collection

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