Michael Jackson Biopic Will Recreate Iconic Performances And Delve Into ‘Complex Life’


Following the announcement of Michael Jackson‘s biopic, Michael in February 2022, fans have been anticipating its release. Recently, the movie producer unveiled its inaugural trailer at CinemaCon, setting off a wave of discussions on social media, although the full trailer has yet to be distributed to the general public.

The sneak peek into the cinematic portrayal of Jackson’s journey has sparked debates among fans and critics alike, eager to witness how the film captures the essence of the legendary performer’s career, controversies, and legacy.


The first trailer shows Michael Jackson biopic will focus on iconic performances and life


The footage provided a compelling glimpse into the upcoming movie, suggesting that a significant portion of the film will be dedicated to faithfully recreating the legendary performances that solidified Michael Jackson’s status as the greatest entertainer during his time. In the trailer, viewers witness the late singer’s nephew Jaafar Jackson, who embodied his character donning his uncle’s iconic hat and costumes while showcasing his electrifying dance moves.


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The footage also offered several iconic moments, such as Jaafar’s rendition of “Man in the Mirror” onstage, where he is surrounded by weeping fans who emotionally mouth the song’s lyrics alongside him. This is all before transitioning to another scene where he is smiling in a limousine, illuminated by the flashing lightbulbs of a swarm of paparazzi.


Michael Graham King, a renowned producer known for his work on the award-winning hit Bohemian Rhapsody, and also serves as the producer of Micheal shared insights about the upcoming movie while joining Adam Fogelson, chair of Lionsgate Motion Picture Group, on stage at Caesars Palace during the unveiling of the trailer.

King expressed that he found the late musician’s story deeply moving and significant enough to warrant documenting. “When you consider Michael Jackson’s extraordinary life, his career triumphs, personal challenges, his artistry, musical legacy, his story is certainly one that’s worthy of a cinematic event presentation,” he explained. “When you mention his name, everyone has an opinion… Generations of moviegoers will come together to experience an inside look into one of the most prolific artists that ever lived.”

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