‘Baywatch’ Star Donna D’Errico Completely Strips Down For PETA Campaign


Baywatch alum Donna D’Errico keeps living up to her reputation of showing off her gorgeous body. She recently stripped down for a new campaign ahead of her 56th birthday. The mother of three took to Instagram in her birthday suit, with her sensitive parts covered by purple banners that read, “Wear your own skin” and “Wear vegan.”

Donna D’Errico looked carefree as she appeared to take a leap with her hands in the air; her lush brunette hair bounced as she looked at the camera with a smile. “I’m feeling fabulous wearing my birthday suit. So excited to celebrate my birthday this week by sharing my campaign with @peta and inspiring you to save animals by wearing vegan!” she wrote, encouraging her followers to make “kinder fashion choices” and end the suffering of “billions of animals” that “die for clothing and accessories.”


‘Baywatch’ Star Donna D’Errico goes naked for PETA campaign

Donna, who also starred in Sabrina, the Teenage Witch in the ‘90s, has acquired a loyal fan base over the years; however, she has faced much criticism due to her posts and thriving business as an OnlyFans model. After her recent post for PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals), some social media users questioned her style of raising awareness, asking if “we have to walk around naked to dress vegan?”


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“Take off your skin,” another uncouth follower exclaimed. Thankfully, fans came to the Austin Powers actress’ defense with kind words and appreciated her contribution to protecting animals. “Derrico, Happy Birthday Girl! The ageless beauty who defies all critics with modeling, acting, activism and all while looking always sexy and glamorous,” someone penned. “This is great. Always wear vegan. Animals’ skins belong to them,” another wrote, echoing Donna’s message.

She tears up while campaigning for animal protection

Continuing in her campaign against animal cruelty, Donna teared up while speaking about the conditions some creatures go through for the vanity of people. “The reason that I don’t wear any animal products in my wardrobe or shoes or anything like that is just because I don’t want to have animals suffer,” she said. “I could never want to cause cruelty to animals like that. They can’t live without their fur, skin, or feathers, but we can.”

She encouraged shoppers to opt for brands and designers that use vegan materials and adopt cruelty-free manufacturing processes. “Choose vegan. Choose kindness, and wear your own skin,” the film star added. Accompanying the touching clip was a note from Donna, which reads, “Thinking about how animals suffer and die for clothing brought me to tears. I don’t wear animals, and neither should you! I joined @peta to celebrate my birthday week by helping animals and showing everyone how easy it is to wear vegan.”


Donna’s followers commended her efforts in raising awareness and applauded her passionate side. “So powerful! Your kindness is helping so many animals and starting important conversations about vegan fashion,” the PETA organization responded with a green heart emoji. “It’s so hard to watch. Thank you for raising awareness! Your picture is stunning. Your makeup is very beautiful, too,” a viewer noted.

Donna D’Errico speaks up against ageism and internet trolls

Donna, who turns 55 on March 30, has remained consistent with her content despite being reported multiple times by internet trolls. Months ago, the model had her photos taken off Instagram; however, she put them back up alongside a stern warning to her critics. “It’s not nice to go on people’s accounts reporting perfectly fine photos and videos to cause their account to get flagged and posts to get removed. Feeling bad about yourself doesn’t make it okay to try to bring down someone else to make you feel better about yourself,” she wrote, adding that she is “putting this right back up” because there is “nothing wrong” with it.


The snap in question featured the former Playboy model in a figure-hugging black dress with large cutouts around her hips and legs. She also wore pink stiletto pumps and let her wavy hair down during what appeared to be a behind-the-scenes moment of a video shoot. Donna also reposted herself in a rusty-colored two-piece, showing off her curves and slender legs. She stood in a laundry room and looked down sultrily at the camera, which was placed at an angle that perfectly captured her gorgeous features.

“Reposting this one too!! The original caption was ‘Sweeping in style – bikini edition’ There’s nothing wrong with this photo!! Sending peaceful, beautiful vibes to everyone,” she wrote adamantly. Donna received much support from her fans, who flooded the comments and clapped back at haters. “Shame on them. nothing wrong with this post at all. you’re stunning, beautiful, classy all wrapped up in one. hope you had a blessed day,” one wrote, while another added, “There’s nothing wrong with this video, Donna. You keep posting because you are truly a beautiful woman.”


Last year, Donna also addressed the hate she received for undergoing plastic surgery after losing over 40 pounds. She said losing her mother made her gain weight until she fell in love with the gym. “When cancer wrapped its claws around my mother and ripped her from my life, I let myself completely go. When I finally came out of the haze of grief, I didn’t recognize the person staring back at me in the mirror, so I pulled myself up out of the muck, cleaned up my diet,” she explained, adding that “the weight loss left some loose skin I didn’t like so I went in and got that buttoned up and have no shame in admitting that.”

“It made me feel better and more confident,” she added.

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