Pennsylvania Grandchildren Plan Surprise ‘Adult Cousins Sleepover’ For Their Grandparents


Five grandchildren of a Pennsylvania couple, Ronald and Linda George, showed up at their door for what will become a special family night. It had been 20 years since the elderly couple had all the grandkids over, and the surprise visit left them both dumbfounded.

One of the grandchildren, Amber Hauck, told Fox News Digital that the idea was a joke they shared until Linda had a health scare that worried them so much. “We picked a date and made sure we were all good to go,” she said.


Adult Cousins Sleepover

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Linda was initially worried about her 11 great-grandchildren, as their parents, between the ages of 26 and 32, were at her house for the night. She was also bothered about where the five cousins would sleep, but some did not mind lying on the floor. “It was just one night,” Amber said.


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They had a charcuterie board laid out, delicious pizza, and their grandpa’s favorite wine. They planned to watch a movie but got so involved with a dominos game that they forgot about it. For Linda, the most memorable part of the sleepover was the game and “sitting around the table eating a hearty breakfast talking and laughing about sleepovers when they were little.”

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Grandpa made breakfast

Grandpa Ronald brought back nostalgia by making breakfast— something he used to do when the cousins were younger. “We were up at 5:45 a.m. pretending to sleep while he was cooking,” Amber recalled. A video from the sleepover went viral on Instagram with over 130,000 likes and many comments from people inspired to do the same.

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Amber, who works in the nursing home industry, was happy to share the surprise and hopes adult cousins sleepover become a trend to help curb the effects of loneliness on the elderly. Linda and George released a joint statement to thank their grandchildren for the “wonderful surprise.”

“Loved that these kids did this for us! We will never forget this— love these grandchildren so much!” they wrote.

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