Married Couple—Whose Known Each Other 82 Years—Shares Secret To Amazing Love Story

A Couple, Joel and Carolyn LaPray, who have been married for 64 years, recently shared the details of their long-lasting relationship. In an interview with, the couple, who are both residents of Morningstar Senior Living of Idaho Falls, revealed that they had known each other for a very long time.

“We’ve actually known each other for 82 years,” the husband said while touching a picture of both of them during their childhood. “That’s us, very few people have a picture like that. I was 23 months, and she was 14 months. Our parents were next-door neighbors in Western Idaho, and we became acquainted and very good friends, and this picture was taken in one of our front yards.”

Joel and Carolyn LaPray share their love story

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Joel explained that when the Second World War broke out, both families left their homes in Idaho and relocated to Logan, Utah, after the war. At that time, the couple was in elementary school, and because they were of opposite sexes, they couldn’t spend much time together.

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However, when they were sophomores in high school, Joel, who was in R.O.T.C., asked Carolyn to accompany him to the military ball. The two had contrasting experiences of the date—Carolyn thought he was pleasant, although she found him slightly uninteresting, as he hardly spoke throughout the entire evening. On the other hand, Joel was deeply attracted to Carolyn. “I kinda like her,” Joel said at the time. “I think I’m gonna marry her someday.”

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Upon reaching their senior year in high school, Joel and Carolyn LaPray started dating, and they consistently spent more time together, thus falling deeply in love. After graduating from high school, they both enrolled at Utah State University and started college together. The lovers got engaged and at the end of their freshman year, they officially tied the knot.

Joel and Carolyn LaPray Share Secret To Marital Bliss

Joel also shared that the key to a successful and happy marriage is to prioritize communication, patience, and compromise. He further explained that no relationship is perfect, disagreements and conflicts are bound to happen. However, he advised that partners should remain patient, understanding, and supportive towards each other during such challenging times.

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Joel concluded by highlighting the significance of compromise in every marriage, he believes that both lovers or couples should put in equal effort to maintain a healthy and fulfilling marriage.

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