Paula Abdul Shares Her Best Health Tip At Age 60


60-year-old Paula Abdul is opening up about her health journey and sharing the tips that have kept her staying strong for decades. Paula believes that staying active is the key to a healthy life and she is grateful that her career has been all about dancing and moving her body.

She shared, “I’ve been fortunate because dance has always been a part of my life. I don’t ever feel like I’m working out, but also I’ve been a teacher and a mentor to young, talent … from the time I was 17. I was choreographing the Jacksons. I was a Laker Girl.”


Paula Abdul opens up about how she maintains a healthy lifestyle

HEY PAULA, Paula Abdul, (Season 1), 2007-. photo: Jaimie Trueblood / © Bravo / Courtesy: Everett Collection

Paula added that it isn’t just physical health she’s talking about. She explained, “Especially when people are suffering from any mental health problems, I always say, ‘Move your body. Listen to your favorite music. Crank it up. Move your body.’ Dance is the one visual medium that also affects your serotonin levels. It’s like when you dance, there’s nothing like it. Words and music are everything, and they say it’s the language of everything.”


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CYBILL, Paula Abdul, ‘Lowenstein’s Lament’, (Season 2, aired Feb. 11, 1996), 1995-98. © Carsey-Werner Co. / Courtesy: Everett Collection

Besides dance and movement, Paula said that staying positive and building relationships help her stay healthy and feel young. She continued, “Right now is a time we need to all come together and keep the faith, walk in gratitude and surround yourself with the people of like-mind – cut from the same fabric. As you get older, relationships are everything. It’s so important to cultivate history with relationships.”

IMPRACTICAL JOKERS: THE MOVIE, Paula Abdul 2020. © Warner Bros. / courtesy Everett Collection

she concluded, “If you don’t know me – I’m all about positivity and happiness and spreading joy.”

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