Kate Hudson Shares What It’s Like to Kiss Matthew McConaughey


It’s been 20 years since How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days paired Matthew McConaughey with Kate Hudson in a whirlwind romantic comedy that’s all about getting a partner – and getting rid of one. In celebration of this anniversary, Hudson and McConaughey reunited in an Instagram Live on Monday to discuss the film and what it’s like working with each other.

Specifically, Hudson was asked what it’s like to kiss McConaughey, since she also worked with him in 2008’s Fool’s Gold.  It’s a question she says she gets “all the time,” and there’s a lot more to the answer than any descriptors. They don’t have a history of normal kisses and must account for their partners’ comfort. Here’s what Hudson had to reveal.


Kate Hudson describes the reality of kissing Matthew McConaughey

HOW TO LOSE A GUY IN 10 DAYS, Kate Hudson, Matthew McConaughey, 2003. ©Paramount/courtesy Everett Collection

2003’s How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days famously had the chaotically synchronized Benjamin Barry and Andie Anderson trying to court and break up with partner, all inspired by a picture book. Jump to 2007 and sees a divorced couple looking to rekindle the flames of their love by searching for treasure. All these wacky rom-com situations made work interesting for McConaughey and Hudson.


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My whole thing is like, we’re always in weird environments [when we kiss in movies],” Hudson reflected. “It’s never like… there was only one time when we kissed that was like so nice and gentle, in the bathroom.” McConaughey agreed, adding, “Yeah, everything else has not been climate-controlled. Everything else was like ‘Swim up to the top, the sharks almost ate you, you just fell from a plane from 300 feet, tread water and before you catch you breath, kiss.'”

At the end of the day, they keep things nice and respectful

FOOL’S GOLD, Matthew McConaughey, Kate Hudson, 2008. ©Warner Bros./courtesy Everett Collection

Over the years, Hudson and McConaughey have been with various people. McConaughey has been with wife Camila Alves since 2012, while Hudson was with her partner Matt Bellamy from 2010 to 2014 before getting engaged to Danny Fujikawa; that’s without accounting for any dating going on beforehand. Any intimate moments require a certain mindset so everyone is all right. Fortunately, this pair proved a good matchup for scenes like this.

It’s been 20 years since their first movie paired these two together / ImageCollect

“We are sensitive people,” said Hudson, “but we don’t take things personally. We’re tough-skinned.” McConaughey confirms they “enjoy going toe to toe.” Everything is, ultimately, pleasant and safe for them, Hudson confirmed, assuring that “in respect to our now partners, we do kiss nicely. It was always a very nice kiss.”

Both actors keep things professional and fun / Syd/Landmark Media / ImageCollect

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