Late Frank Sinatra’s Grandchildren: What To Know About The Trio


Frank Sinatra was a member of the popular Rat Pack and a musical icon. He released his debut album in 1946, and since then, more hit songs like “Fly Me To The Moon” and “My Way.” He also acted in movies and musicals such as Guys and Dolls.

Frank was married four times and had a total of three children from only his first wife, Nancy Barbato. Frank married Nancy in 1939, giving birth to two daughters, Tina and Nancy, and a son Frank Jr. before their divorce in 1951. Nancy and Frank have their own children, making Frank a grandfather before his death in 1998. Let’s meet the late icon’s grandchildren.


AJ Lambert


Frank’s daughter Nancy, married Hugh Lambert in 1970. Nancy and Lambert welcomed their first daughter, Angela Jennifer, now popularly known as AJ Lambert, in 1974. Sadly, Hugh died of cancer in 1985.


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Like her parents, AJ is a musician, and she grew up familiar with goth and punk bands for a start, according to her interview with Desert Sun. She released a single titled “I Got It Bad” in February 2022. In an interview with The Guardian, AJ revealed what it felt like being Frank’s granddaughter, especially when she listened to his songs. “When I hear things he sings, I hear them through some other filter,” AJ revealed. “I hear them as a fan, but also as a human being I knew.”

Amanda Catherine Lambert Erlinger

Frank’s youngest granddaughter Amanda is a photographer and more private than her older sister. In an interview with Classic Chicago Magazine, she mentioned that Frank taught her how to use a camera and kept her flair for photography alive after her father died.

“… he showed me how to load film, pull out the picture, and then talked to me about being patient to let it develop before pulling off the strip,” Amanda said. “Sadly, my dad died when I was nine and it was my grandfather who really kept up my interest in photography because of his own passion. It was something we shared together.”


She also added that Frank enjoyed being a grandfather, visiting during the weekends and teaching her to paint, amongst other activities,”… We’d read the paper at breakfast together.”

Michael Sinatra

Frank’s son, Frank Jr., had Michael with his wife, Patricia Ward, in 1987. Michael is based in Las Vegas and is a singer. His genre is jazz, and according to his website, he sings standards from the Rat Pack and the Great American Songbook.

Frank Jr. died from a heart attack in 2016. According to the Daily Mail, three people claimed to be his children after the tragic incident, but their claim remains unconfirmed.

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