Pat Sajak Shares Cheeky Tweet About The Flood Of Prince Harry And Meghan Info


Some topics just dominate the headlines; it’s usually for a limited time but it can feel like that’s all the news has been about. Lately, the subject of choice has been Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, and Pat Sajak is ready to comment on the news trend.

The Wheel of Fortune host, like countless others, has heard update after update about the royal family, thanks in part to interviews and documentaries and especially because of Prince Harry’s new memoir Spare. So, Sajak decided to share a tweet joking about the whole thing! Here’s what he had to say.


Pat Sajak tweets about Prince Harry and Meghan Markle


On January 10, Prince Harry’s memoir, Spare, hit bookshelves everywhere and even before that release date, social media had been abuzz, fueled by a Netflix docuseries, promo interviews, and insider leaks. On that same day, Sajak released some content of his own: a short but timely tweet that reads, “Having trouble finding information about Prince Harry and his wife (Meghan, I think). Any sources you might suggest?”

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By time of writing, the comment has received 1.7 million views, which in turn generated 22.1k likes, and a combined 1,500 shares, accounting for times users added their own commentary to the post – and there was plenty of commentaries to be had.

The world reacts to ‘Spare’

Pat Sajak fans react to his comments about Prince Harry and Meghan Markle / Amazon

A lot of people have taken to reacting to Spare, from Sajak to his followers to members of the royal family. Sajak’s Twitter followers have made comments such as “Please respect their privacy as they give countless interviews, write books, and film docuseries giving a glimpse into their life.” Meanwhile, royal relatives have countered some accusations raised by Meghan and Harry.

Spare, a memoir by Prince Harry / Amazon

An insider claims relatives are “very upset about Harry’s revelations,” adding that “Kate [Middleton] feels that Harry’s actions are atrocious. She is appalled at him for dragging her name through the dirt and is finding it hard to forgive.” Similarly, an insider claims, William is “privately seething and devastated by what Harry has done. And just cannot forgive Harry for the things that he’s written.”

Have you checked out Spare yet, and if so, what did you think of the information coming out?

Pat Sajak was one of many people to respond to Spare by Prince Harry / Zoltan

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