Why Prince Harry Used Laughing Gas Around Meghan Markle


Prince Harry‘s memoir, Spare, has a release date of January 10 but that hasn’t stopped alleged book details from spilling forth even before everyone had a copy. In one chapter, the prince reportedly recalls the surprising time he got high off laughing gas durum an important occasion.

The event in question was actually while his wife Meghan Markle was giving birth to their son Archie back in 2019. But wait, why does the chapter also mention chicken? Here’s what happened, according to reports about the book’s contents.


‘Spare’ chooses to spare no expense

Spare, by Prince Harry / Amazon

January 10 barely settled around the globe when details came out from Spare. But everything about it has been pretty fast-paced; it was just in 2021 when flying to his grandfather’s funeral that Harry decided to write the memoir. Prince Harry says he realized none of his family members understood why he and Meghan withdrew from palace life.


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“I have to tell them,” Prince Harry decided. “And so: Pa? Willy? World? Here you go.” Spare covers Harry’s life, including the loss if his mother, Princess Diana. So far, some reviews indicate that there’s not much mystery left thanks to promotional interviews and leaks, but it puts events in the context of the royal family’s interpersonal dynamics.

‘Spare’ reportedly shares how Prince Harry got high off laughing gas

Prince Harry ended up using all the laughing gas meant for Meghan / ALPR/AdMedia

The miracle of life – and laughter, and food. Meghan’s labor birthing Archie, which took place in Portland Hospital in London, was apparently very eventful. It lasted long enough that she took to bouncing on a purple ball before climbing into the tub and listening to “soulful hymns.” Harry set the mood by lighting some electric candles – safe yet still atmospheric.

Prince Harry discusses life outside of palace routines / ALPR/AdMedia

He finished the job by putting a photo of Diana down on the nearby table. But then Prince Harry did a little something for himself by taking laughing gas as a means of “enhancing his mood.”

He shared, “Meg, bouncing on a giant purple ball, a proven way of giving Nature a push, laughed and rolled her eyes. I took several more hits and now I was bouncing too.” This, though, led to Prince Harry using all the nitrous oxide, much to the chagrin of the nurse, and ultimately they went the epidural route – but not before flipping on the lights and shutting the music.

Spare has caused quite a stir / ALPR/AdMedia

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