Danny Bonaduce’s Wife Amy Shares Hilarious Partridge Pun Starring Husband


Growing up in the ‘70s, it was impossible to not know the name Danny Partridge, portrayed by Danny Bonaduce. The whole Partridge family serenaded their way into viewers’ hearts and it just so happens this is the season of singing – carols, that is. Bonaduce’s wife, Amy, tapped into the musical nature of the holiday season with a very witty pun.

Bonaduce has been married three times, first to Setsuko Hattori for three years, then Gretchen Hillmer, and finally Amy Railsback, who he married in 2010. Amy, 23 years his junior, is a substitute teacher he met at a Los Angeles Starbucks. That job alone definitely means she has to have a sharp mind and she showed her appreciation for humor with this adorable Partridge Family joke. Get a good chuckle here with your favorite musical family!


Amy Railsback, wife of Danny Bonaduce, shares a witty ‘Partridge Family’ pun


Being married to a star comes with some occupational hazards, some of the humorous kind. As December continues along for holiday after holiday, everyone is getting into the festive spirit. That means, according to Amy, people are sharing some themed jokes with her. “It’s that time of year again,” she wrote on Twitter on December 2. “When dozens of people send me…. this. Lol.”

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Her post is accompanied by an image directly from The Partridge Family, which aired on ABC’s Friday night lineup from 1970 to 1974. Bonaduce is in full costume for the series but he’s not in a studio or a tour bus; he’s located in a tree. At the bottom of the image are the words, “A Partridge in a Pear Tree.”

Catching up with Bonaduce and Amy family

In addition to marrying Amy, Bonaduce has been up to a lot throughout his career and personal life. He’s gotten a black belt in karate, released an autobiography called Random Acts of Badness, and got into multiple altercations with the law. He was arrested in 1990 trying to buy cocaine, then in 1991 he was charged with beating and robbing a sex worker. This resulted in Bonaduce being dismissed from KKFR.

THE PARTRIDGE FAMILY, Shirley Jones, Brian Forster, Dave Madden, Danny Bonaduce, David Cassidy, Susan Dey, Suzanne Crough, 1970-1974 / Everett Collection

His filmography continued to grow, though his film work tapered off over a decade ago; his last biggest gig was Dr. Dolittle 3 in 2006. TV work has been much more eventful, with 2019 being especially busy with The Kids Are Alright and How It Really Happened. Over the years, he has reprised the role of Danny Partridge for various programs.

DANNY!, Danny Bonaduce, 1995, (c)Buena Vista Television/courtesy Everett Collection

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