Alicia Silverstone Still Shares A Bed With 11-Year-Old Son Bear

It may come as a surprise to many. In fact, many may call her out for it, but Alicia Silverstone just doesn’t care. She still sleeps together with her 11-year-old son Bear in the same bed, and she is not afraid to admit it. In her words, Alicia says she knows she will “be in trouble for saying that [admitting she still shares a bed with Bear at dusk] and [she doesn’t] really care.”

The famous MTV movie award winner is unapologetic about what she does with her son, Bear, including still sleeping in the same bed with him because, according to her, “every choice [she] make[s] is either built on instinct or deep research.” Alicia says she wants to do “what [is] healthiest for him [Bear] at every turn,” irrespective of how much criticism is directed at her by those aware of her parenting style.

Silverstone Talks About Motherhood

EXCESS BAGGAGE, Alicia Silverstone, 1997. © Columbia / courtesy Everett Collection

When Silverstone was quizzed on motherhood during her interview for The Ellen Fisher Podcast, the American actress described it as the “most unbelievable experience in this world.” She remarked that being a mother planted the desire to “savor every moment” of another person’s life, in this case, her son.

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She equally expressed her desire to have more babies after Bear clocked age 3 but not having a partner deterred her. Her relationship with Bear’s father and ex-husband, musician Christopher Jarecki, officially ended in 2018 after 13 years of marriage, though the duo are both involved in raising their little one together.

Silverstone Raises Her Son To Be  A Vegan

TRUE CRIME, Alicia Silverstone, 1996. ph: © Trimark Pictures / courtesy Everett Collection

The 45-year-old actress is a known vegan, and many wondered if she would compel her son to follow in her vegan footsteps. It appears she may have done that as it has come to public knowledge that both Silverstone and Bear stick to a strictly plant-based diet. Alicia Silverstone talks of the benefits of being vegan and raising a vegan son: “The food I choose for myself and for him keeps us calm and centered.”

She is aware many would have reservations about not giving her son the chance to explore non-vegan food choices. But Alicia Silverstone is not the mother that attaches much importance to people’s thoughts about her parenting style. To her, her parenting style has been her tool for forming a strong bond with her son, and she will stick to it no matter what.

Silverstone Touches On ‘Elimination Communication

THE REQUIN, Alicia Silverstone, 2022. © Saban Films / Courtesy Everett Collection

Among other things, Silverstone spoke about her use of the elimination communication method to ensure Bear “never went poop in a diaper again after 8 months.” For context, elimination communication (EC) is a technique described by the American Association of Pediatrics as “using the infant’s natural timing and cues to recognize when they need to defecate or urinate.”

Silverstone says she started practicing EC with Bear when he was 6 months old, and the techniques helped her identify Bear’s unique signs for wanting to use the potty. Though the technique was both fun and mischievous, she achieved her desired result with it and has no regret, just as she doesn’t regret raising Bear to be vegan and sometimes sharing a bathtub with him.

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