Candace Cameron Bure Is Moving On From Hallmark After 14 Years


Candace Cameron Bure has been a star of Hallmark Channel movies for 14 years. Now, she’s saying goodbye and switching to a new channel to make more “faith-filled programming.” The 46-year-old recently announced the switch and Hallmark responded.

Candace shared, “I’m very excited to develop heartwarming family and faith-filled programming and make the kind of stories my family and I love to watch. I am constantly looking for ways that I can inspire people to live life with purpose. GAC fits my brand perfectly; we share a vision of creating compelling wholesome content for an audience who wants to watch programming for and with the whole family. Great, quality entertainment with a positive message is what my partnership with GAC is all about!”


Candace Cameron Bure is moving on from Hallmark to GAC Media

AURORA TEAGARDEN MYSTERIES: HAUNTED BY MURDER, from left: Candace Cameron Bure, Lexa Doig, (aired Feb. 20, 2022). photo: David Astorga / ©Hallmark Channel / Courtesy Everett Collection

A spokesperson for Hallmark responded, “Crown Media has enjoyed over 10 years of collaboration with Candace. We respect her decision and thank her for her many contributions.” It won’t be all new faces for Candace, though.


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AURORA TEAGARDEN MYSTERIES: REUNITED AND IT FEELS SO DEADLY, Cameron Bure, (aired Oct. 18, 2020). photo: Ricardo Hubbs / ©Hallmark Entertainment / Courtesy Everett Collection

Bill Abbott is now GAC Media’s president and CEO but he was previously the boss over at Hallmark. GAC also currently airs Full House and Fuller House, so clearly they are on board with Candace’s work. It will be exciting to see what she appears in on that network!

THE CHRISTMAS CONTEST, Candace Cameron Bure, (aired Nov. 28, 2021). photo: Ricardo Hubbs / ©Hallmark Channel / Courtesy Everett Collection

Candace previously made a lot of holiday films with Hallmark and even starred in a murder-mystery franchise.

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