‘American Idol’ Finalist NAILS Celine Dion Classic — Get Ready For Chills!


American Idol finalist Grace Kinstler stunned everyone when she absolutely nailed a Celine Dion classic. Grace sang the Dion classic “All By Myself” as part of the Judge’s Pick round. Judge Katy Perry stated that she selected the song for Grace because it was the song that made her want to be a singer when she was growing up.

Grace looked as stunning as she sounded with a purple sequined gown, and after giving a moving rendition of the song, was met with thunderous applause. “You did not just take that one higher than Celine even sings it,” Perry said to Grace afterwards. “That was full body chills.”


‘American Idol’ finalist Grace Kinstler nails “All By Myself”

“On the finale, to deliver that, it was amazing,” Judge Luke Bryan adds. “For us to be able to pick that song and then you take it to another level than the actual song was originally done, it was amazing watching you.” Perry adds in a small joke, saying, “Celine’s going to have words.”


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Legendary singer and judge Lionel Richie added his own sentiment, noting how impressed he was as well. “Only you can create another song out of a standard song,” he said. “You’re a storyteller. Not only a great voice. You’re a storyteller with a great voice.”

Everyone’s in agreement on her impressive rendition

Fans online also gave their two cents, noting how powerful the performance was in agreement with the judge’s comments. “She definitely has a natural God-given gift. An amazing voice and she looks so beautiful,” one fan writes online. Another writes, “If this girl doesn’t win the American Idol there’s something wrong with the show. Clearly she is a fabulous singer.”

Sadly, Grace did not take home the gold. Instead, she took third place with country rocker Chayce Beckham crowned the season 19 winner and R&B singer Willie Spence taking 2nd place.

Watch Grace’s full, striking performance below:

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