TSA Officer Goes The Extra Mile And Secures COVID-19 Vaccination Appointments For Seniors


Some people fly to unimaginable heights to help others. One TSA agent did just did without even leaving Earth, to help local seniors secure COVID-19 vaccination appointments. The agent’s efforts earned her immense praise and much security for vulnerable populations.

Transportation Security Administration officer Donna LaMonaca uses her spare time to help connect seniors to appointments to receive a vaccine against the coronavirus. When possible, she also drives them and gets them ice cream. Her actions earned praise from her employer.


TSA officer LaMonaca helps seniors get vaccinated

TSA officer Donna LaMonaca spends her free time securing vaccine appointments for seniors wrestling with the technological and speed requirements / Donna LaMonaca via

According to Fox, TSA officer Donna LaMonaca has been working for the past three weeks to connect local seniors with vaccination appointments. Members of Pennsylvania’s senior citizen population are particularly susceptible to COVID-19. LaMonaca, since beginning her work, has secured 50 vaccine appointments for seniors who qualify for Pennsylvania’s phase 1a vaccination.


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She acts as an important go-between for seniors who do not always have the technical know-how to secure appointments themselves. She’s become so public about her efforts, willingness to help, and success rates, that strangers contact her seeking help. Often, they claim to not have computers or emails, which are very important in scheduling an appointment.

Utilizing new skills to get the job done

While rollout has commenced, seniors still have to actually secure an appointment and contend with feelings of loneliness in the meantime. LaMonaca helps combat both / Modern Healthcare

As Supervisory TSA Officer at Johnstown-Cambria County Airport, Donna LaMonaca has very interesting workdays without considering the pandemic. Her volunteer work now adds a whole other layer of suspense and intensity. “I must refresh 100 times in two minutes,” she admitted, referring to the fast-paced nature of securing appointments.

Her employer released a statement praising her efforts on Monday. Her inspirational actions impacted her community, including those very close to her. Now, her thirteen-year-old son Geno is helping. He joins her during drives, oversees a checklist of necessities, and helps with filling out paperwork. Her work has cast a wide net and has seen La Monaca drive two hours to Pittsburgh around five times.

While her actions earned recognition by her employer, and now by several outlets, she simply wants to do the right thing and hopes it inspires others to do the same. She explained, “I always tell my kiddos we are not all in the same boat, we are in the same river. But everyone has a different boat and even though you may think you have a nice boat, you never know when you may need something as simple as a raft. So help everyone when you can no matter what.”

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